A Little Background

My name is John Paul, and I am 40 years old. I was a Mac Tools distributor for 18 years. Mac Tools was a very good company to work with. I love the business, enjoy dealing with people, helping them with their problems, and selling tools to make their lives easier and faster. I had an awesome 18 years with all my customers and the Mac Tools family.

I decided to move from Long Island, New York, to Florida to pursue a career in the sheriff's department or as a firefighter. I can get paid in these fields, and there is no age limit down here. That is the reason for my move, but I still want to keep my business as a tool distributor. I have a lot of inventory left over that I am just getting rid of, and I also want to keep the business going as an independent tool distributor.

For any of your tool needs, I'm here to help with any questions or anything that you need.